Massage Therapy

Massage TherapyNo one type of massage answers every need.

For that reason, Higher Health Chiropractic has two massage therapists on staff, each expert in a variety of massage techniques ranging from sports massage to stress massage, Hot Stone Massage, Swedish massage, reflexology and deep tissue massage.

At Higher Health Chiropractic, we employ massage to increase blood flow and reduce lactic acid build-up as preferred methods of preventing and treating athletic injuries. Massage has been found to be enormously beneficial for rehabilitation, prevention of injuries, managing stress and inducing relaxation.

Our treatments are offered in 30-60-90-minute and 2-hour sessions.

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Monica W.'s Review
Monica W.

5 Stars

I have had chronic neck pain for my adult life. I was introduced to Dr. Pauline Haugen and have been receiving treatment for about a year and a half now….

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Jonathan H.'s Review
Jonathan H.

5 Stars

I got into an accident about a year ago in CA. The other car ran the red and t-boned me full speed. I had treatment on it then but I started to feel pain…

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